Our new product line Floating Finland offers innovative floating construction services. Floating construction is rapidly growing in popularity in Finland and around the world. Building on water can solve several problems caused by traditional construction in environmentally sensitive and unique coastal areas.

Floating construction also solves space problems, e.g. in densely built urban environments. Almost anything can be built safely and sustainably on water, even in Finnish conditions: swimming pools, saunas, cottages, residential and commercial buildings.

Floating Finland // FD pool is a floating pool designed for year-round use. The pool is the so-called infinity pool, i.e. the water in the pool is at deck level. The pool water filtration system enables the joy of swimming even when it is impossible to swim in natural waters, for example due to blue-green algae. The pool can also be filled with seawater. To heat the pool, you can use electricity, an air source heat pump or use the heat collected from the water.

// FD pool also serves as a sturdy boat dock. The site is always designed individually to meet the customer’s wishes and the requirements of the beach and terrain.ia.

Measurements: from 16 x 6 m
pool size: 8 x 3 m

Read more: https://floatingfinland.fi/