Port equipment for various needs from our selection.

  • safety equipment
  • bollards
  • boat booms
  • electricity and water poles
  • refueling points
  • smart equipment (remote control, measurement and reservation systems)
  • solar panels
  • bird repellents
  • alarm and monitoring systems
  • containers to septic and waste points

Remote controlled electric pedestals

Tallykey T4 Nauvon vierasvenesatamassa.

Tallykey remote controlled electric pedestals

The Tallykey electricity pole is an easy-to-use electricity distribution pole for harbors and home piers.

The stylish steering column is solid and safe to use. The T4 pole complies with EU standards and is maintenance-free. The poles also serve as atmospheric lighting at dusk. The base is made of anodized aluminum and the bolts, axles and screws are acid-resistant of steel.

All Tallykey remote control posts are manufactured in Denmark, and their use and has many years of experience in sustainability. The post can be installed directly on e.g. wood to the pier. The post is available in IP44 and IP56. 1-4 sockets are available for the pole.

It is possible to get a remote control for the electric pole control device for use in marinas. The remote control column enables electricity and water supply management automatically and remotely.

The column has the option of two water taps, e.g. clean water and sea water.

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